Hours of Operation: 

 Monday - Saturday (10am - 2pm--last appointment is at 1pm)

 Walk-ins are welcome but call first to determine availability.

​ Beginning October 2018 - 2nd and 4th Saturday until 4 pm with   last appointment at 3 pm


 Sonograms: After Initial Appointment 

 Tuesday, Wednesday. Friday & 1st/3rd Saturdays10 am, 11:15 am & 12:30pm


Staff:  Gwen Uyenco, Executive Director - gdu@forestvillepregnancycenter.org

              Danielle Huber, RDMS -  dh@forestvillepregnancycenter.org

              Chan Claggett, RDMS - chc@forestvillepregnancycenter.org

​              Christina Coffie, RDMS - cc@forestvillepregnancycenter.org

               Shirley Austin, Pregnancy Education Class Coordinator

              Kay Jenkins, Abortion Recovery Classes -  kayjenkins2002@yahoo.comsNurse Sonogr

                    Forestville Pregnancy Center

                             3611 Branch Ave, Suite 102

                             Marlow Heights MD 20748



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