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What Is Abstinence?

Every person has a different definition of abstinence. For the purpose of this guide, abstinence includes refraining from all types of sexual activity. This includes: vaginal sex, anal sex, oral sex, outer course (dry sex or grinding), mutual masturbation, and any other sexually gratifying activity. Many sexual activities cannot result in pregnancy, but they are still considered an act of sexual intimacy. A number of these activities can still result in the transmission of diseases. Whatever you do, it's important to make responsible sexual choices. Educate yourself about your options and stay safe.

 Why Abstinence?

Abstinence is everybody's first method of contraception. It is 100% effective in safeguarding against sexually transmitted diseases and unplanned pregnancy. However, sexual abstinence can be a hard thing to practice. Young people especially find the drive of hormones and curiosity difficult to overcome. If you want to practice abstinence, try avoiding high-pressure situations like empty dorm rooms and the back seat of automobiles. There are many pressures in society that make it difficult to save sex. Though it will be hard, you may find that abstinence is far more rewarding then you ever thought it could be.

For Men, condoms and other birth control methods fail and cannot guarantee that your girlfriend will not become pregnant. There are some questions a guy needs to ask himself if he is sexually active:

If your girlfriend became pregnant would you leave her?
Are you ready to support a child with your time, energy and money for at least the next 18 years?
Will you go with your girlfriend to tell her parents the news? 
Are you willing to give your child a two-parent family? 
Are you prepared to live with the decision of an abortion for the rest of your life? 
Would you be willing to release your child for an adoption?
Are you willing to learn all about abortion so that you can anticipate possible medical complications and relationship problems?